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Playing the Game and Making the Play

Playing the Game/Making The Play

February 1st Release Date

Playing the Game and Making the Play are digital only short stories that introduce the Bakers of Baseball!

Playing the Game and Making the Play

The Comeback of Roy Walker

March 1st Release Date

This book features Roy and Lane from Playing the Game and is the first of the Bakers of Baseball Series.

If you love baseball and romance, and who doesn’t love baseball and romance, you’ll love this series.

New Release

For the First Time. Book 3 Tyler Group series

For the First TimeRelease Date: October 2013

There's not a lot former CIA agent Mark Sharpe hasn't done.

Yet suddenly he's in a world of firsts—first time being a father, first time being self-employed…and first time being attracted to his employee. JoJo Hatcher, with her attitude, her tattoos and her investigative talents, tempts him in ways he can't explain. With each day she becomes more irresistible. How is he supposed to function in this messed-up situation?

Then his teenage daughter, Sophie, is threatened. There's only one person he trusts to help him: JoJo. As they work to untangle the mystery, Mark imagines a future together that includes another first - family.

2012 Romantic Times Winner!

One Final Step cover

A new image... step by step.

Who said moving forward is easy? Car thief turned race car driver, Michael Langdon has worked hard to build his image. Now to take it to the next level and become a successful manufacturer, he needs to kick his image up a notch. Enter Madeleine Kane, a genius at adjusting public perception. With her in charge, he's guaranteed to look better while keeping his darkest secrets where they belong-in the past.

Doesn't take long, however, for his ambition to change and the campaign to become personal. Because he wants Madeleine - as beautiful as she is talented and smart. First, Michael must overcome her reservations about crossing professional boundaries and persuade her he's worth the risk... without revealing those buried parts of himself. Good thing he's very persuasive.

Now Available

Act of Persuasion coverRelease Date: March 1, 2013

For all the wrong reasons?

Anna Summers has always been more than Ben Tyler's assistant. She's even been more than his best friend. Too bad Ben didn't realize it until after she quit. Now that he's more like his old self after facing off against a life-threatening illness, he's ready to win Anna back.

Of course, it's not simple. One night Ben broke his own rule about getting involved with an employee. And now Anna is pregnant. She refuses to let him use the baby as a reason for them to reconcile. It will take an act of persuasion to convince her they belong together... and not only because of the baby.

The Way Back coverStarting over sounds good - in theory! The reality? Well, Gabriella Haines isn't enjoying that so much. Once a top-rated TV host, suddenly becoming the junior editor at a publishing house isn't playing to her strengths. She does have one chance to fast-forward a few career steps, however. If she can manage the impossible - convincing former American hero Jamison Hunter to finish the autobiography he owes them. Too bad he's resistant to all her tactics. Worse, that little star crush Gabby had on him before his downfall? She isn't quite as over it as she thought. In fact, the more she knows the real him, the more she wants to uncover the truth about what happened. Because restoring him in the public eye may be the best chance they have at a future together.

Jane at Dear Author recommends The Way Back.

"It’s funny. It’s sexy. It’s emotionally touching."

Got Game? coverOh, Yeah. Game On! The world of professional golf is rocked when the new ranking system allows Reilly Carr - the country’s best female player--to compete with the big boys. Now everyone wants to know if she will or won't play in golf's premier event…The American.

But her tough choices are complicated further when Luke Nolan - her on again, off again lover - suddenly decides now is the time to turn their friends-with-benefits set up into a real relationship!

If she's going to make the cut she'll need to battle her game, the press and most of all her heart. The stakes have never been higher.

My Latest Harlequin Release

The Doctor's Deadly Affair.